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The Right Mindset for Real Estate Investors

Financially astute investors start as early as possible growing a portfolio of assets that will generate returns for years to come, and Toronto property is the investment vehicle of choice for investors looking for tangible assets that offer growth and real returns. Around 40% of Canada’s growth has been related to housing since 2014 driven largely by the growth in Toronto’s real estate market, which has risen by almost 12% year on year between June 2019 and June 2020. This growth, coupled with low-interest rates, allows investors to consistently outperform the market.

Why is the right mindset important for real estate investors?

The right mindset can make a significant difference to your wealth and financial wellbeing, as well as helping you to secure a future and a stable income for your family. We’ve never been more confident of Toronto’s growth trajectory as the city establishes itself as a world-class financial hub while offering its residents an excellent quality of life, and career opportunities.

Do your research

Confidence shouldn’t be based on emotions and feelings alone. You can make informed decisions for a bright financial future when you have access to the right figures, including historic property rental returns, historic market growth, and market projections.

Partner with a real estate wealth strategist

Maximizing your wealth isn’t always a one-person job. As great leaders surround themselves with experts to fast track growth, so building a strong property portfolio can benefit from experts in the field.

Why is it the perfect time to invest?

When you have an understanding of the future financial returns that real estate investment in Toronto offers, it’s hard not to get excited. It’s important to look at the times now as an opportunity to invest.

COVID has proven that Toronto’s real estate market is resilient

Toronto’s real estate market has continued to grow in strength and resilience, despite the effects of COVID. While elsewhere in the world real estate prices have fallen in major city centres, the market in Toronto remains buoyant.

The future looks bright

As Toronto’s real estate market continues to outperform other investments offering a higher rate of growth and return, there is no better time to take the exciting step of purchasing real estate in downtown Toronto.

Nikki Hessami is a real estate wealth strategist with a background in architecture. She offers her clients unique insights into Toronto property investments backed by years of experience in the industry and meticulous research into Toronto property trends.

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