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The Importance of Working with a Pre-construction Specialist

A pre-construction condo is an ideal way to leverage your finances, access property growth, and build sustainable long-term wealth. As a long-term strategic investment, a pre-construction condo can yield high returns.

With a pre-construction condo, you can buy a property in an up-and-coming area to maximize your returns. For example, a subway station being built in your area, a new park or a new transit route. All of this will add to your property’s value, make it easier to find tenants and when the time comes to sell, you won’t have any trouble finding a buyer willing to pay a premium.

If you’ve never owned a brand-new property, this could be your chance. While you can easily rent your condo once it’s built, there’s nothing like the feeling of owning a property that hasn’t been lived in by anyone else before. While you need to run the numbers yourself, an experienced real estate wealth strategist with a proven track record is worth their weight in gold. Buying pre-construction properties has many benefits, but if this is your first time it can be difficult to navigate the market on your own. It is key to work with a pre-construction specialist to ensure this process runs smoothly and all the amazing benefits come to fruition for you.

Here are my top reasons why you should work with a pre-construction specialist:

I have sold millions of dollars in pre-construction condos in the GTA over the last few years so I am well versed and experienced in the process. I know the right questions to ask, and know how to find the best properties that best suit your needs. Since I was a lecturer of architecture back home in Iran I always had a passion and love for real estate. The many years I spent studying and teaching architecture to students has been an asset over the years. I consider myself very knowledgeable and offer my clients a high degree of expertise when it comes to selecting the right properties whether it’s your principal residence or investment property.

I have access to some of the most sought after projects across the GTA

As a platinum agent I have access to premier developers with incredible track records and decades of experience in design and building. They are the most distinguished and sought after experts in our industry and their level of standard goes far beyond the average. Their level of confidence and expertise provides my clients a feeling of luxury and sophistication like no other. Throughout the entire process I will provide you with my expert opinion and sound advice. More importantly, together we will choose the right project that meets your investment criteria.

I work for the buyers, not the developers

My aim and goal is to provide my clients 5 star service matched by 5 star properties that will increase in value over time. My best interest is always in the hands of my clients over what’s best for the developers. The developers that we select to work with provide a level of care and appreciation for their customers and it really shows in the level quality and craftsmanship they deliver.

A pre- construction expert will help you understand the total cost

As a real estate sales professional i have a fiduciary responsibility and obligation to each and every one of my clients. It’s my duty to provide them as much information to make a well informed and educated decision. I want them to feel confident and comfortable every step of the way throughout the entire process. In my opinion it’s imperative that we help clients better understand the costs associated with buying real estate in order to facilitate a more fruitful relationship. This is why I highly recommend consulting with a real estate lawyer or one of our expert lawyers before you decide to purchase.

Looking for a pre-construction expert?

It’s a new year, and real estate homes are booming, prices are going up and condo developers are offering the greatest incentive ever seen. As your wealth strategist and pre construction expert I am bullish on real estate, it’s the greatest tangible asset that appreciates nightly as we sleep. I would love to work with you to help build your real estate Investment portfolio and start planning your early retirement. Give me a call and let’s get started, don’t wait there is no better time than now…Strike while the iron is hot

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