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3 Reasons to Get into the Toronto Real Estate Market Right Now

Great things come from owning your property, and we want to empower you to make strategic real estate investment decisions. It’s time to take action and join our growing network of clients who have found the process straightforward as they experience the thrill of owning their own property.

Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams of becoming a property owner or investor. We have 3 reasons why there has never been a more opportunistic time to get started than now:

1. Take advantage of low-interest rates

If you’re considering taking the plunge and investing in Toronto’s real estate market, the time to act is now. Why? Because interest rates have been at or around record lows for close to ten years, making it more attractive to own rather than rent. Consider the risk of waiting longer – you could easily end up with a higher interest rate, which will make paying off your mortgage more expensive and put unnecessary pressure on your income.

2. Grow your wealth (and cover your mortgage)

Buying a condo in Toronto is an investment, not only will you benefit from the growth of the property, but the high rental prices mean that you can generally cover your mortgage repayments on a monthly basis. This is especially true in Toronto’s booming condo market where vacancy rates are low, and rents are high.

Another way to think of it is enforced saving. It can be difficult to put away money every month into a savings account, but with your mortgage being automatically deducted every month, this discipline is going to help you grow your long-term financial wealth and stability.

3. Make the most of a competitive real estate market

Toronto property markets have seen an uptick in the last few months or the demand has been hot for real estate in the Toronto market and we have seen an increase in sales due to the demand versus the low inventory. And, in some cases, this has even led to bidding wars.

While property markets elsewhere have completely stagnated, demand in the last few months is rapidly catching up to (and overtaking) supply. If you’re a first-time buyer, this is the time to act as conditions are the best that they have been since 2009. The strength of the growth in Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods has given investors confidence that the current Toronto’s real estate market is not a bubble, and many are looking for new opportunities.

With a number of different factors affecting Toronto’s real estate market, there is a limited-time opportunity to get into the market. Mortgage rates are now being offered at under 2%, the lowest in history, making it advantageous for first-time property owners and investors. There has never been a better time to start building long-term wealth and financial security for your family.

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