Meet Nikki, the Woman Behind It All

Meet Nikki, the Driving Force Behind

Welcome to the launch of, your first port of call if you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Toronto. With exciting pre-construction condos and a range of other real estate options on her books, Nikki offers access to exclusive properties combined with deep industry insights and a peerless commitment to her clients.

Nikki’s Formative Years

Nikki’s story starts halfway around the globe in Mashad, Iran. Growing up in Iran, Nikki came from a family well known in her community. As the daughter of a prominent agricultural engineer (father) and school owner and teacher (mother), she was a natural student scoring high in math and science.

After excelling at school, Nikki went on to study at the University of Mashad, a well-respected college and Iran’s most prominent research universities. After seven years of study, she graduated with a Master of Architecture and went on to teach as a university lecturer for the next seven years.

Nikki’s New Start in Toronto, Canada

Nikki’s desire to learn more about the world and have different experiences led her to seek out new challenges and opportunities in Canada. Arriving in Toronto in 2014, Nikki set about honing her marketing and negotiating skills with a position at Epoch Times, a prominent media company based in New York with offices in Toronto.

In 2018, Nikki found the ideal way to marry her talent for negotiation and sales with her love for architecture and became a registered as a realtor in 2018 specialising in pre-construction condos as a Real Estate wealth strategist.

Nikki’s Holistic Approach to Life and Real Estate

When she’s not closing a deal on a condo, Nikki loves dancing and listening to music, and enjoys spending time with her friends. She is also a spiritual practitioner and belongs to falun dafa, a spiritual practice based on the three principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

It is this balanced approach to life, combined with her three guiding spiritual practices that make her so successful as a realtor in Toronto. Her natural love for people, underpinned by her truthfulness, compassion and tolerance allows her to truly empathise with her clients, understand their needs and works hard to help them manage their real estate wealth.

What makes Nikki one of Toronto’s leading real estate agents?

Since registering as a realtor in 2018, Nikki’s reputation has quickly cemented her place as one of Toronto’s leading real estate wealth strategists and has become a leader amongst her peers earning top salesperson from month to month in her brokerage.

She applies her knowledge of architecture, using her eye for sophistication and practical design to find the right investment property to help her clients create generational security and build a home for their families. With the same drive and determination that lead her to seek out new opportunities abroad, she works tirelessly for her clients to find them the best possible investment that meets their needs.

Leaving behind her family in Iran, Nikki understands the unique difficulties that come with navigating and establishing yourself in a new country. Finding the highest value, listening to her clients and helping them navigate the Canadian market, she patiently listens to her clients to ensure their needs are met at every step with honesty, compassion and patience.

Nikki’s expertise is in pre-construction condos; however, she is very familiar with all aspects of real estate. Acting as a real estate wealth strategist, and as a real estate investor herself, Nikki helps her clients create financial security, build generational wealth and at the same time leave a legacy fo their families.
Determined and hardworking Nikki draws on her knowledge of architecture and experience working in real estate, she goes above and beyond to find the best possible home or investment property in Toronto for her clients.