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About Nikki Hessami, Toronto Pre-Construction Condos Specialist

From Architecture Lecturer to Real Estate Wealth Strategist

Growing up in Iran, Nikki was raised in a home by parents who were highly educated and successful in their own careers. She followed both her parents pursuing a higher education, her mom and dad were of great influence to her as a child growing up. They taught her to be disciplined and that work ethic is the key to achieving success. Her mother was a teacher and later on became a principal of multiple schools in her community, while her father was a successful engineer and works for the government.

Nikki was an exceptional student and would later pursue higher education and earned her MA in Architecture. After years of study, she stayed on to teach and mentor other aspiring architectural students at University. After 7 years in University she left Iran to seek adventure and opportunities in Canada.

Arriving in Canada in 2014, Nikki worked for Epoch Times, a prominent media company based in New York, with offices in Toronto. This is where she honed her marketing and sales skills. In 2018 she became registered as Real Estate Broker, and has become a leader amongst her peers earning top sales person from month to month in her brokerage. What makes Nikki a real estate wealth strategist is that she helps her clients create financial security, build generational wealth and at the same time leave a legacy to their families. Nikki’s success has been built on her relationships with great mentors and business coaches like Donato Prezioso who helped her shift her mindset in order to serve her clients at a higher level.

An Eye for Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Toronto

Applying her knowledge of architecture, she uses her eye for sophistication and practical design to find the right investment. With the same drive and determination that lead her to seek out new opportunities abroad, she works tirelessly for her clients to find them the best possible property that meets their investment criteria.

As a practitioner and proud member of Falun Dafa, a spiritual practice that millions around the world have made a part of their lives. Nikki is very passionate and dedicated to her daily meditation and exercise routine. She takes seriously three core principles at the center of her spiritual practice: truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. When working with her clients she applies these principles putting the needs of her clients ahead of her own throughout the entire process.

Leaving behind her family in Iran and seeking out greater opportunities here in Canada. Nikki understands the challenges and obstacles that come with establishing yourself in a new country however her positive mindset and dedication to her clients allow them to transition very easily. Finding the highest value, listening to her clients and helping them navigate the Canadian market to find the perfect investment property.

Often treating her clients like family, she always goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for first time home buyers and seasoned investors. She understands the importance of listening and goes out of her way to communicate from beginning to end to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated.

Expert, Insightful Support and Advice from Start to Finish

Access Researched-Backed, Honest Advice

As a real estate investor herself, Nikki understands the importance of having all the facts accessible. This is why she offers access to a team of experts, ROI forecasting tools, investment resources and an unbiased viewpoint, always keeping the best interests of her clients at heart.

Maximise Your Investment Returns

Nikki works tirelessly to help you find the ideal property looking at all the available development projects, and different areas of the GTA. This includes looking at the different projects and floor plans to maximise the value of your unit for the future.

Get Easy-to-Understand Answers

Nikki makes herself available to answer any questions that her clients have, covering everything from in-depth discussions about Toronto’s real estate market to which areas to focus on and how to invest.

Let Nikki Do the Work

With her finger on the pulse of the latest developments in Toronto, you get access to the information you need without needing to do the work yourself. If you’re tight on time or feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to understand the market, you can trust Nikki to walk you through the process effectively and efficiently.

Toronto Real Estate Investing with Nikki

Integrity, Transparency, Care

With an unending passion for her clients and a flair for picking the right investment properties in Toronto that deliver a high ROI, Nikki's skills as a wealth strategist make her the trusted go-to partner for real estate in Toronto.

Success Stories

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Nikki is an excellent realtor who always goes the extra mile for her buyers. Thank you Nikki for all your support in helping with my condo purchase. It was a pleasure working with you.
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- Ahmed Bin Amir
I was very delighted with my experience as a first time buyer. i recommend Nikki Hassami 100%. Nikki picked helped us choose the right project within our budget, she is very competent and skilled in her profession, in addition she is very honest.
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- Elham Alizadeh
Nikki has been a pleasure to work With. She has impeccable work ethics and a keen eye for the trends in the market.
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- Janki Mashruwala and Dr. Harsh Vankawala
Nikki takes the time to really understand the needs of her clients and provides excellent counsel on such an important decision.
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- Kuc Family
Nikki answered every question I had, and when she didn’t have an answer, she brought me to someone who would. She had a resource for every step of the way.
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- Nicholas John Alexander Zeeb
Nikki was a huge help in finding me a new home in Mimico. She had my back every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier with the result.
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- Brendan Gordon Weaver
If someone has to make a real estate choice, then Nikki is the right go to person.
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- Diaa Nasr
I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Nikki! From my first meeting with her I knew she was the one to help me with my first purchase. Nikki approached her work with professionalism, a positive attitude, and listened to my needs and concerns. She kept a rather stressful process very upbeat and offered the wisdom of her experience without any added pressure. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking to buy!
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- Ariel Autry

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